What is HomeSnazzer?

21 Dec

HomeSnazzer is a virtual makeover app for real estate listings.

HomeSnazzer is the only online application where real estate agents can show shoppers looking at listings how changes will overcome objections and develop the full potential of a home.

With HomeSnazzer you can:

Exterior—The agent can change the outside appearance of a house. If the paint color is distasteful—with a click of a mouse an agent can overcome the objection by showing  different colors or an entirely different exterior such as vinyl siding or brick. HomeSnazzer gives the agent the ability to see what the house could potentially look like with an easy click of the mouse.

Interior—Completely change the house to see how changes will improve it. For Example, the house has carpet but want see how hard wood floors will look. Now, with HomeSnazzer, the agent or shopper is able to see how it will look with hardwood floors and it all happens with the click of a mouse.

If that is not enough to persuade the buyer, you are able to change color of cabinets and walls. If they would like white walls rather than purple, you are able to, again with a quick click of the mouse, change the interior of the home to display how it will look like after the clients have made changes.

Add window treatments, place furniture, add plants, trees and flowers with a simple click.  Prefer stone accents on the exterior?  With a simple click you can change out, sidings, stucco, stone, brick and over 500 different paint colors from national paint manufacturers.

All this can be done without expenditures to have the work done. Maybe they do not like white walls after they have seen them, HomeSnazzer allows many, many choices of products from paint colors or pavers in the driveway, maybe a new roof or siding is needed, all this can be visualized easily.

You are really able to get clients to start picturing themselves in the house. You can give a home more of a welcoming feel by adding landscaping plants and other accessories like entry doors, patio doors and windows among other things.

With HomeSnazzer you are able to tailor the home to the buyer. You can really help them start to picture themselves living in the home before they move in. You can do this all without spending thousands of dollars on staging. Help your next client by letting them visualize how the home will look and get them in the mood for buying the house.

When shoppers make changes to your listing you capture a lead with name, address and phone number. You will know who has shown interest in your listing.

All you need to do is copy the HomeSnazzer HTML link in to the MLS, your website, Facebook, email signature and any other marketing platforms that you use. We attach it to your listing. HomeSnazzer is a product of VisApp, LLC.


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