How HomeSnazzer Can Help:

22 Jan

In any market, buyers will have objections when you show them homes. One of
your most important skills as a salesperson is to know how to overcome
objections. The reason is that not all objections are the same .  Some are
deal breakers, but most aren’t.
Let me give you an example, have you ever heard this one? “I love the
kitchen, but it doesn’t have granite countertops.” Or have you heard this,
“I’ve never liked vinyl siding on a home”.  Or how about this one, “Love the
house but hate the paint color”.
How you handle objections show your strengths and experience as an agent,
and the best way to handle those objections is to use HomeSnazzer.
When you get to the homes, that’s when the objections will start and if you
use HomeSnazzer to overcome objections immediately you’ll reduce buyers’
frustration, and show them what they want to see without risk.
That kitchen without granite countertops is an objection, open HomeSnazzer
and show your client granite, marble, Corian, even cement countertops.  Then
HomeSnazzer tells you how much the upgrade costs!
Your client prefers something other than vinyl siding?  Show them rock,
stone, brick, stucco or paint the house with one click of the mouse.
How about the paint color objection?  HomeSnazzer paints walls a new paint
color with one-click.  Ask them what color they like, instantly show that
new color on the walls.
Your job is to keep buyers emotionally involved in the benefits of that
home. Once they own it emotionally, they will find plenty of reasons to
rationalize buying it.
What is HomeSnazzer?
HomeSnazzer is an online tool that lets the real estate agent makeover a
home to overcome buyer objections even if you don’t have a clue how to
design. HomeSnazzer’s results provide that emotional connection. As you
know, what they see and like…. they buy!

HomeSnazzer also is one of the best lead generator on the market today.
Buyers shopping for property register to personalize your listing.  You now
have their contact information and you know their preferences.

Right at the time you need it most….HomeSnazzer provides an estimate for
the modifications.  You no longer need to delay the sale to contact a
contractor for pricing.  HomeSnazzer provides you with average and upscale
pricing in your area on most home improvements projects.

Why do you need HomeSnazzer?

HomeSnazzer is a professional marketing tool that’s a differentiator between
you and your competitor for the listings.

HomeSnazzer makes your listing STAND out from the crowd.

HomeSnazzer helps to close faster as buyer can immediately visualize the
property as they would want to see it resulting in quicker commission to you
and less money spent on advertising the listing.

HomeSnazzer helps make listings stand out when professional staging is out
of budget for your seller

HomeSnazzer reduces your time for researching modification costs.

How it works:

The buyer:
– searches for property
– finds your listing
– registers for SHS

– Selects an image of the home’s exterior / interior
– Via the Visualizer, buyer virtually alters colors, fixtures, flooring,
furniture, landscaping
– All options represent real-life products, stored in our database
– Drag and drop interface is easy and intuitive

-Buyer can compare top home improvement project costs from HomeSnazzer

– Buyer can then use HomeSnazzer to request an estimate from suppliers or
service providers.

– Agent receives the buyer lead information

How does the buyer get from searching for property to SHS?
– Via a link that you include on the MLS listing or anywhere else you market
property online.

Benefits recap:

Realtors are not technology experts – this is easy for them to use
The tool provides a competitive advantage
Delivers highly-qualified leads on your properties, without you having to do
much of anything at all
Reduces buyer’s potential objections based on what the house looks like now
– shows her how things can be changed
SH satisfies today’s preferred shopping methods (online / at home)


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