VisApp Leads generation platform is the only platform on the market using the most cutting edge technology to generate the highest quality, and highest converting, leads you can find anywhere.

We simplify the process by sending your leads directly into your email inbox. You don’t have to build and deploy ad campaigns, worry about click-through rates, or optimize your site. You simply sign-up, choose the skills and services you offer and start receiving the best quality leads on the market.

Benefits to You:

  •  Pay-for-Performance. You only pay for leads who are looking for your services NOW.
  • Exclusive Leads. We don’t share leads with any other companies, contractors or agents unless a consumer requests multiple proposals.
  • Growing consumers Database. Servicing over 355,000 satisfied customers currently and signing thousands more per month.
  • Leverage Our Marketing. Internet marketing is central to our business model. We drive traffic to ShowOff.com and convert visitors into qualified leads using sophisticated internet marketing techniques… so you don’t have to.

How We Distribute Leads:

Our lead generation service is breaking the mold of our industry. Pay only for the leads you want. ShowOff lead distribution system is a lead bidding system. You can track the highest bid and raise you bid anytime from any computer. Establish your bid amount, track the bids, and the highest bidder wins the lead.

  • Sign up and create an account in our ShowOff dashboard
  • Select your selling area, and skill by category
  • Select the category, lead level and dollar amount you want to bid for leads in your service area
  • Fund your account using your credit card. When you win a lead, the lead fee is withdrawn from your account
  • The new lead is immediately sent to you by email or fax
  • If there is more than one winning bid, our system will randomly select one of the tied bids to award the lead

You have immediate and historical access to your leads in your dashboard. From there you can view the lead information, home photos and any updates to the lead. If you purchase a gold lead and the consumer comes back to the Visualizer and requests a proposal, you have first right to accept the lead before being placed back into the system.

What are the costs associated with the lead program?

FREE SIGN-UP! Leads vary from $5 to $50 based upon the lead level you’ve signed up for. We offer 3 lead levels; Silver, Gold and Platinum. After you have selected your preferred categories in the dashboard, the base lead costs for those selections are displayed, there’s no limit to the number of skilled categories you can sign up for. All Silver leads are $5, Gold leads $20 and Platinum leads $50. To get started, simply sign up!

If you have a product catalog and would like to add it to Showoff Showcase or if you have gallery photo’s of your best work and want to add them to the Inspiration Gallery click this link.

Want more leads but don’t want to bid for them?

Place our Visualizer on your business website. Base lead fees are locked into our agreement. You don’t bid for leads. Any leads generated from your website are exclusive to you, and will not be shared. You are charged only for the leads in the levels you have selected. Leads are sent to your email account or faxed immediately after we receive the lead. A lead report is available in your dashboard.


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